Sunday, 20 February 2011

If only time was like crochet... I could add a few chains, like more hours in the day.

Unfortunately struggling to find time to crochet at the moment, although I seem to be *thinking* about crochet a lot - now that is bad!!

Have opened a Flickr account to collect my 'pwythau pengwern' related photos - must link it to this blog (note to self).  I've STARTED two scarves but not got any further - uh oh, bad habits already.

I've decided to add another round to my existing granny squares (going from the current 4 rounds to 5 rounds) partly because I've been reading about the brilliant idea of sending granny squares to help with the Queensland flood aftermath effort and partly because they'll then be bigger so I'll make a blanket quicker!!

Hmm, not the most coherent post ever is it??

Sorry peeps x

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  1. I understand completely the thinking about crochet thing, I become consumed by it! The blog for the "crochet a rainbow" appeal is, it's a very inspiring blog!